Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baseball Dreams...

I bought this wooden baseball glove at a local craft show when I was pregnant with Chase. I was going to do a sports theme in his room and it was perfect! It holds a glove, a ball and a bat. It is really cute and just recently we put it up on his room. Of course the bat is put up because Chase brings new meaning to the phrase "beat you with a baseball bat" LOL!! He has expressed a huge interest in baseball and I am so super excited because I LOVE baseball! I can't wait to see him play and just go out and have fun. The weather is going to be nice the next few days (I unfortunately will be working a few of them) so he will be out there having fun!! I just had a vision in my head when I was in his room just dreaming about seeing him play! It was weird and silly but I had to take a picture and journal up my thoughts and emotions! As you can see the ball gets much use already! I think it is awesome!!

It was early in the day, not much light coming in so I cranked up the ISO, opened up the aperature and slowed the shutter. LOL...made for a great effect I think :) I want to play with it some more and maybe antique it up a little bit more.

Have a great day!


Jill said...

that is SUPER cute

Rachel said...

What a neat shelf!