Friday, April 11, 2008

Another beautiful day today!!

I am loving it. 70 degree weather can stick around for as long as it wants! Unfortunately, after tomorrow the weather is going to drop back down into the 50s with rain and will pretty much stay there til mid-week. BLECH! So, we are enjoying the beauteous weather while it lasts!!

Charlotte and I hung out on my bench swing (the one I thought broke after our tree fell on it) for a little bit. She was enjoying it so much. He chomped on her fingers a little bit and chatted with her toes...LOL..then went ahead and chomped on them to. BWAHAH. I just thought this was a cute photo. This is sooo her...always has her tonue hanging out with a smile on top of it all. HAH. A shame the background is so messy, darn cushions! BUT I still love it!

I have to get more pics of the kids and other things up here. Charlotte is dominating my blog. LOL! I cant' help it, it is mostly me and her, the other kids are off playing on their own. I gotta make a point to snatch them up...and they will do it kicking and screaming. HAHA HA.


Niecey said...

Aw I love this photo. The outfit looks great against that bg. Soo sweet and comfy looking in that pose. How sweet.

We're starting to enjoy some nicer weather here. I'm soooo ready for it.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

oh my goodness! she's so big and adorable! love her outfit and such a great picture. enjoy the warmer temps. :)

Chevy said...

The color in this photo is FABBY! I love her little tongue. heehee How cute is she?!